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As a guest on our site, you are able to search on a small section of our database. You may investigate all products made by Apotex to test the accuracy of the database and the functionality of our website. Once you have subscribed and gain access to the rest of the manufacturers available in the database, the searching functions and data presentation are the same. Enjoy!

Helpful database information/tips:

    To search by NDC number, simply enter the number as presented on the drug package including dashes. (Ex: enter '60505-6076-04' for azithromycin)

    To search by drug name, enter the first few letters or the entire generic or brand name.

    To search by manufacturer, you can enter the first few letters or the entire manufacturer name. (Ex: enter 'Apot' for Apotex)

    If you would like to contact the manufacturer directly, click on their name in the search results table and you will be sent to their contact information page.

    Products which contain any amount of latex, natural rubber, or dry natural rubber will contain a 'YES' in the 'Contain Latex?' field.

    The 'Last Reviewed' field is the date that we last received information directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturer confirming the latex content information.

    Please review our frequently asked questions if you have any further questions.

    When you are ready to become a member, simply click on the 'Subscribe' link in the above navigation bar.